Mark Rydell – Director (James Dean, For the Boys, On Golden Pond, Gunsmoke)

“I recently viewed the independent film waiting for Ronald and found it to be honest, poignant, and very talented. Ellen Gerstein demonstrates a strong ability in being able to write, cast and direct individuals in heart-felt performances… The film upholds class, and dignity to all the characters. I have the highest repect for Ellen, and her deeply felt talent.”

Mimi Leder – Director (The Peacemaker, Pay it Forward, Deep Impact)

“…The casting was quite risk taking and Ellen’s directorial skills are really shown when you see how incredibly the actors and acting come together with tremendous ease and strength. I was very impressed with Ellen’s talent, as well as the integrity and honestly of the film. What a charming, heartfelt film with a wonderful sense of humanity and humor. I love this film and think everyone should see it.”

Victoria Hochberg – Dicrector (Touched by an Angel, Ally McBeal, Sex and the City, Chris Isaak Show)

“I have worked with Ellen and had the privilege of being enhanced by her talent and persistence. She is also very funny, which comes in handy when all around you are dropping like flies.”

Gail Williamson – Media Access Office (Governor’s Committee for Employment of Disabled Persons – CA)

“Waiting for Ronald addresses the self-determinations of people with developmental disabilities and celebrates their lives. It also tells a story of typical actors to bring the story to life. Director Ellen Gerstein brought the best out of all her actors, making it difficult for the viewer to tell which ones are truly disabled and which are just acting the part. The one obvious observation is that all are gifted and talented actors.”

Aaron Markovits – People First of Kern County (Kern Regional Center, CA)

“The challenges faced by ‘Ronald’ are in some ways no different than the challenges faced by other people in this world. He just wants to lead his life the way he thinks is right. For that reason alone, I think this film should be seen by the general public. If widely distributed, it could have a profound impact on reducing barriers to houseing, employment, and civil rights for people with developmental disabilities in our country. If even one person has a change of heart by viewing this film, it makes the entire project a worthwhile investment.”

Richard B. Farmer, Ph.D. – Executive Director (Foundation for the Retarded of the Desert)

“The Foundation for the Retarded of the Desert would like to thank for bringing us the consumers to view; the feed back we received from them was phenomenal. It isn’t often enough that we get to see a well depicted representation of the disabled population in the film industry; you have made this possible with Waiting for Ronald.
It was a pleasure meeting with you, your association, and especially Jody. The Foundation for the Retarded welcomes you and your work back anytime. On behalf of our Board of Directors Staff, and most importantly our consumers, thank you again for your support of our cause.”